11 Tips For Losing Weight Fast – Probably Not What You Are Thinking

“I’ve tried everything so why can’t I lose weight?”

“I want to start losing weight fast, how do I do it?”

“I need to lose weight fast will this help me?”

Sound familiar? Is this you?

Or are you one of the silent majority who keeps thinking it without  actually saying it out aloud?

Taking the long road to weight loss is wise as you will know you can lose pounds slowly and steadily.  However, there are ways to rev up your metabolism so you burn calories and lose weight more quickly AND safely

We all need to start somewhere and we all need that extra help and push whether we sometimes realize it or not.

The following are some tips which I hope will help you on your jo urney to a better you, both inside and out.  They may not be what you were thinking  but I sincerely hope they will help. All the best!

Tip No.1 Want to start losing weight fast? Stop looking at others

It is no good thinking I want to look like ‘him’ or I want a body like ‘her’

tips to lose weightWhat someone else does is completely different to what you need to do

So first and foremost you need to get real and you need to have a target for you

You need to understand we are all different, our levels of motivation are different, our fitness levels are different, our dedication to losing weight will be different, our body types are all different. (I can go on).

Who are you losing weight fast for?

Have you been wanting to lose weight forever but not been able to stick to it?

First and foremost you need to lose weight for you, you need to focus on YOU.

This is why I say it is no good looking at others, you have no idea how hard they themselves must be having to work out just to look the way they do.  There is a saying that says ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’.  But if you were to look into their exercise regime , their diet, you will probably realize that they actually work hard for their body.

What are you prepared to do to work hard for you?.  You  need to focus on the task at hand and not make comparisons with others. This may not be a point that might have  otherwise been thought about but if you  think about it for a while you will come to realise it  can be  true.  Stop the comparison game it doesn’t get anyone far.

Instead of wasting your energy on comparing yourself to others use the same energy and do something about it.

You have bigger and better things to look forward to – YOU

Granted you might want to look good for someone else too, but first and foremost look good for yourself.

TIP No. 2 Watch those hidden liquid calories

Just because you drink something and it doesn’t ‘fill’ you up doesn’t mean it has zero calories in it.  Your hot chocolate drink or your sugar laden coffee might actually have more calories than your main meal!

For example, you are more likely to grab another cup of coffee (or your favourite drink – you know the one), without really thinking twice about drinking it, but would you try eating another big bowl of pasta straight away.

Not only will you have consumed all those extra liquid calories , whether your brain and your stomach registered it you are also more likely to still be hungry!

TIP No. 3 Losing Weight Fast Should not be taken lightly?

You need to be truthful with yourself

Telling yourself  things such as “ I don’t eat anything?”  Or “I don’t even snack in between meals, I only eat one meal a day?”  is not going to help when deep down you really know the truth.

Before anything can change, before you can even begin to start losing weight you need to be honest with yourself and see where it is you are actually going wrong only then can you start to move forward.

Or if you really can’t see  where you are going wrong, ask a friend to be brutally honest with you  and let you know.  In the long run you will be glad they did, even if immediately you might not talk to one another for ‘a while’.

Honesty here is definitely the best policy, so be honest with yourself.

Losing the weight fast can only materialize if you change first.

TIP No. 4 Are you stuck with doing the same routine

See what you have been doing, are you doing the same exercise routine over and over again?  If so why not try something different, your body will have got use to it by now and could be the reason why you can’t see any new results from it.

losing weight fastWith regards to your diet are you really being honest with yourself.  Come one come clean? Any late night snacking or day time snacking for that matter.

Are you eating the same breakfast day in, day out? Why not try something different.

Your diet too needs to change, you need to change your lifestyle especially in the immediate term if you are thinking of losing weight fast over a short specific period of time.  Put simply you  need to rev up that body.

TIP No. 5 Don’t get sabotaged

We all need the help of others to succeed in life and weight loss is no exception especially if it has taken you so much  effort and motivation to get to where you are in the first place.  However, do not let others derail you  especially if you have a current goal of losing weight fast and there is a set routine of things that you just need to do, no matter what..

Don’t let others put you off and sabotage all of  the good work you have put in up until now.

Do not underestimate the negative impact it can have on your actions so far.  See my blog for more details –  you know how to reduce weight but are your efforts being sabotaged 

You should also not underestimate the power of persuasion from others e.g. “you have been working all week one drink is not going to hurt you”, or “it’s just one small piece of cake, it’s not going to make a difference.”   As we all sadly know, one ‘little’ thing can quite easily lead to another and then another.

Also sadly, whether we like it or not, human nature is such that there is always someone waiting for you to fail.

You need to remind yourself daily of what is it that you are actually hoping to achieve as in my initial tip, you need to have a start and a finish. A goal and time frame in which to do it in.


If you do ‘give in’ to pressure, that’s OK – the important thing to do is not beat yourself up about it.  See what happened, get back on track and continue from where you left off.  The worse thing you could possibly do is stop altogether. Don’t do it to yourself.

Get the formula right and you will lose weight.

TIP No. 6  Don’t get side tracked

Once you have decided on a plan of action and losing weight fast is definitely a plan of action –  intense action, you then need to make sure you stick to the plan and stay the course.

TIP N0. 7 One step at a time.

You are more likely to succeed if you choose a small goal at a time.  Once you  have reached your goal you are subconsciously telling yourself you can do it.  You did it before you can do it again and again and again. You need to remember the weight you are carrying around did not materialize overnight but your weight loss successes build up.  You reach your goals over a certain period of time, and then another period of time and then another. It all begins to add up.

TIP No.8 Is losing weight fast bad for you? Not if you are prepared and do it safely

If you don’t want to become another statistic of reaching your goal only to start binging out on food again, then you need to be prepared.

By being prepared along the way it will make it far easier for you to stay the distance because in the act of  losing weight fast, you instinctively  have less time to get use to the ‘better habits’  of your fast routine  that you need to incorporate into  your day to day planning, compared to if you are losing weight slowly. In this instance, preparation is definitely the key if you are to see it through to the end.  These tips are part of that preparation.

 TIP No. 9  Find a weight loss buddy

Don’t fancy doing it alone, or if you think you will not be able to do it on your own why not lose weight together with a friend. You can never underestimate the power of a group of people who will support and motivate one another.

fastest way to lose weightThere needs to be someone who will remain positive when you are not   A negative environment is no good for anyone as negativity will only breed more negativity.

TIP No.10 Plan ahead

Plan what you are going to eat in advance, this point is so crucial what good is having an excellent exercise regime in place that will take you from A to B when in the middle you go ahead and crash?

Make sure you don’t end up rushing towards the nearest fast food restaurant, take away or microwave for that matter with any number of ready made meals. Don’t do it.  Have a plan and then stick to it! Losing weight fast means you need to seriously get rid of the rubbish otherwise it’s going to end up in your stomach sooner or later. As in the points above by making small achievable goals you are far more likely to reach your targets knowing that they are only for a certain period of time.  Your mind is able to register a start and stop date much easily.

Also eating regularly and properly is one thing but the quality of food is just as important as the quantity, especially when you are losing the weight fast as your body needs the extra nutritional support during this period.

Finally Tip No. 11  Sleep 

You probably heard of the phrase work, rest and play, well don’t forget to get plenty of sleep along the way. Your body needs to rest as much as it needs to exercise.  Your body will let you know when it needs to shut down for the night, don’t try and fight it.

These tips may not have been what you were expecting but they are definitely worth it in the end.

Sooner or later you need to come to the point where you decide you are ready to put in the work to get the results you want.

Losing weight fast requires commitment, the requirement to have a weight goal and within a do-able time frame that is safe and goal orientated.

What are the changes you are prepared to make to your diet and exercise regime?

Have you got a workout plan?

Rapid weight loss can be frustrating at times, if you don’t know how to start. If you have the correct information, you can get a jump start on losing weight immediately.

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Above all enjoy the journey, don’t beat yourself up. You mess up you start again the next day only don’t give up. Good luck.

To Your Health, Wealth & Happiness

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