12 Ways To Stay Healthy and Fit

ways to stay healthy and fitIf you are looking for ways to stay healthy and fit you should not have to feel guilty if its because you want to look good. It should not matter one bit if it’s about vanity, it is OK if that is your motivation that will get you off that couch then so be it.  The media and all other aspects of advertising promote toned fit people, if wanting to look like that can motivate  you then it shouldn’t be seen in a negative context.  As long as you make strides to become fit and healthy and you do it in a constructive and healthy way,  it should be seen as a good thing.

Below are 12 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit:

  1. Change you mindset – think of it as with every bit of weight loss achieved you are gaining health –  this can actually  take pressure off from you. Take this first step to weight loss. Even that little bit of exercise you start out with will be good for your heart. If it’s good for your heart and body it will definitely be good for your mind.  Just take that first step.
  2. Keep changing your routine, it will not only keep you on your toes it will stimulate your senses and you will want to do more.  It will also stop you from doing activities that become boring, which could quite possibly stop you in your tracks. We hear variety in the spice of life, so try adding variety into your fitness regime.  Your body and your mind will love you for it.
  3. When you are exercising and counting try counting backwards instead. This will not only motivate you but also give you a boost of how much there is left to do with the timer going down with every repetition, which will be a lot more motivating that having to count as you normally may do.
  4. Get rid of any guilt you have towards your level of health and fitness as it is a vital component to your overall self image.  The better image you have of yourself or the image you are aiming for, the better the chance you have  of getting it compared to a negative, guilt ridden feeling.

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5. Running is exceptionally good.  If you are a beginner start slow and steady. If you are more fitter  perhaps,  why not start slow, then speed up and then in the final leg of what you are doing really go for it and push yourself.  This will  help to improve your endurance and over time you will cover longer and longer distances in the process.

6. Work out on your ‘problem areas’ a few times each week. This will help you keep motivated and in control of the situation instead of the situation controlling you.

7. Cycling is also a great cardiovascular exercise as is  running and swimming as they are all  great at burning fat.

8. Make one small change  to your diet each week such as add a new piece of fruit into the diet, add a new spice, make a new smoothie with a different fruit combination or add a variety of spices to the mix. Your taste buds will love you for it!

9. Make your weight loss plans ‘public’ so that you commit yourself, better still tell Loved Ones of your plans  and make a personal bet with them.  I bet you, you wont want to lose!

10. Put something you know you will be needing throughout the day at a distance e.g upstairs in your bedroom perhaps, then every time you want it you need to go up those flight of steps or perhaps get rid of the TV remote for  a week, (or less if you don’t think you can do it for that long), and get up to turn it on and off during that period

11.If possible, walk to work for a week or get family or a friend to drive you part way and then  walk the remaining distance.

12, Above all, don’t forget to have fun! Make sure you add fun to whatever fitness routine  you decide to do. Not only are you going to enjoy it more you are more likely to stay on track and hit your goals.                                                        To Your Health, Wealth and Fitness.

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