If You Want To Know How To Reduce Weight Check What Is In Your Food First

how to reduce weightSooner or later we all  want to know how to reduce to weight, but many try and try not knowing where they are going wrong.  We have a responsibility to not just ourselves  but those who may be dependent on us to stay fit and healthy, but does that responsibility stop there?  Not at all.

Listening to the radio, I was literally amazed to find out the amount of sugar coffee houses put into their drinks.

Just in a cup of coffee  it apparently ranges from 9 teaspoons of sugar to a staggering 25 teaspoons of sugar (yes that was 25 teaspoons of sugar) in just one coffee cup alone!

What is all this sugar doing to your body?

According to the World Health Organisation back in 2014 they warned “ much of the sugars consumed today were “hidden” in processed foods “that are not usually seen as sweets”.  They had also  voiced their concerns at the time  on how the levels of sugar that were being consumed could  contribute towards diseases such as diabetes and tooth decay.

Whenever you embark on a new journey and losing weight is a dramatic, long, exhausting  journey for many of us,  we all need help. It is one thing finally getting the desire to lose weight, or in many other cases, you are having to lose weight  quite literally through desperation of having no choice but to find out how to reduce weight in the first place, but then there is the mental as well as physical changes that  need to take place  and that includes  what you consume.

What chance does a child have when a parent may have no idea themselves as to the level of sugar in such an ‘innocent’ drink as coffee?

Your intake of calories has to be less than the calories that are being burned during exercise. No amount of exercise is going to help you reach your weight loss targets if what you are consuming in calories is in excess of what you are losing.  Therefore it is vital you are aware of these ‘hidden’ calories and also where they are being consumed.

Have you ever wondered why fast food chains have their bright lights and loud music?  If you think about it the clue is in the title itself ‘fast food’!

It has been scientifically proven that those who consume food under these conditions are more likely to consume  nearly 50% more  calories than those who eat in a restaurant because of the very nature of the environment they are eating in.

Why?  This is because by eating more and much more quickly your stomach does not have sufficient  time to send the signals to your brain to tell it, it’s full (this process within your body usually takes about 20 minutes) however, by that time you are more likely to have had that second helping, or the extra thick sugar laden custard and cake,  eaten more, (in many case, much more), hence that bloating, clothes too tight, sickly,  feeling  when you realize just what food you have actually had.

In the opposite restaurant environment you are more inclined due to its setting and relaxed atmosphere, to eat at a more slow and leisurely pace. You are more likely to chat in between courses giving yourself more time to figure out whether you actually do want that slice of pie, or that extra second helping!  Who would have thought it!

You may constantly be looking for ways on how to reduce weight  but all your  hard efforts such as exercise, keeping to a well balanced diet, making everyday little changes to your routine and habits,  can easily all be undone.  Bottom line, you need to be conscious at all times of what you are consuming,  where and when.

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