Losing Weight – 7 Tips for a Successful Strategy

Losing weight requires a successful strategy that will not only  help you lose the weight now but help keep it off thereafter and it involves  a number of elements:

Losing Weight Element One

There’s no other word but to say it’s going to be tough. Having to get up early morning and drag yourself out of bed to do your exercises in no easy feat, whether it be at a gym or at home, when the call of your warm bed is so appealing your body will ache to curl up and sleep for that ‘ten minutes more’.

Your body will sway, back and forth while at the same time fighting with yourself “Should I leave it today, I’ll get up extra early tomorrow and do it then”.

You know full well if you leave it today the chances are you are going to leave it tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

Losing Weight Element Two

Losing weight is a journey and for many of us it is going to be a LONG treacherous journey that is going to have its turns and roundabouts,  it’s ups and downs, the up hill struggles, the rowing back and forth. But that’s OK as long as you don’t stop en-route and never get to your final destination.

We need you to cross that finish line,  whether you are the hare or a tortoise does it really matter?

Losing Weight

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Weight Loss Element Three

Another element to you losing weight is that you seriously need to re-address the drinks that you are consuming, ditch the coffee and tea for green tea.

Why? Caffeine can cause you to retain water whereas the green tea provides  much needed antioxidants that not only make you feel much, much better they  aid in your efforts of  losing weight instead of gaining it.

Reducing Weight Element Four

Instead of spending loads of money on sugar laden drinks why not just invest in a good smoothie maker (there are many of them of the market right now). You will be absolutely amazed at how a simple boring, un-interesting piece of fruit can taste so good with other fruit, when you drink it instead of eat it!  Mix and match and get some great combination flavours, your only limit is your imagination.

You may have a ‘cut off’ when it comes to fruit sometimes they are so unappealing – you know they are good for you, you know you need to eat them blah, blah, blah, but their appeal is well…. just not there.

This is where I think we go wrong, instead of trying to re-invent the wheel use the same ingredients AKA fruit and just blend them.

You are constantly having to spend the money on food, bills, mortgage repayments, insurance, petrol (I can go on). Seriously ask yourself are you not worth the investment of a smoothie maker?

Losing Weight Element Five

Another mind shift that will be required is in the SAUCES you add to your food.

Why? They are laden in oil and sugar (why do you think they taste so good!)

It is a false fallacy to think you are eating healthy such as a jacket potato when you then go and shovel a whole load of sugar right on top of it –  well that is exactly what you are doing every time you add that dressing to your salad.

Solution add spices to your diet

Why? More and more studies indeed show that many of them contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Your body (and your waistline) will love you for it.

Weight Loss Diet Plan Six

Breakfast, now this one is a tricky one for many of us. You may not be able to stomach anything in the morning and feel physically ‘sick’ thinking of breakfast.

The problem with this is when you do remember you haven’t eaten anything yet whatever is in front of you will do just fine!

Why? By waking up and not eating you are literally going about your daily routine for yet another four or five hours ‘on an empty tank’.  You have by now reached your starvation mode and basically anything that comes within sniffing and eating distance is just too good an opportunity to pass up.

It has been proven, time and time again that those who eat a good breakfast are more likely to maintain a better weight than those who do not.

Reducing Weight Element Seven

Your current life style as you know it HAS got to change and in many cases dramatically depending on the severity of the weight that you need to lose based on your current weight and state of health as well as your height and age.

If your journey of losing weight  is shorter than others then why not try doing the HIIT cardio or High Intensity Interval Training circuit . Less time is required so you can get to your final destination faster than if say you had to be finding your way to the gym every day.  This type of exercise is proven to be more effective than normal cardio exercises.

Losing weight is not only an epic  journey  it’s a completely new way of life.

No one ever got anywhere doing something successfully first time round, you may think they are lucky, I do not believe in luck.  In life you make your own luck.

I hope that whenever you begin to lose your way this article might be the compass to help you find your path again.

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