Losing Weight – Don’t Get Caught Up In Fad Diets

Losing Weight you are never too old

When losing weight it’s very easy to get caught up in the moment of new year resolutions  and then to stop very soon afterwards.  Below are a few weight loss tips which I hope will help.

1.Have a weight loss plan

If you  have an exercise routine  the secret is make it happen first thing in the morning – no excuses.

Why? Before you know it the day will have passed you by and you will have convinced yourself with excuses  why you couldn’t do it all day long, that is  if you don’t  exercise as soon as you get up.

2.Losing Weight then Stick to A Plan

If you start allowing yourself to take a break or ‘I’ll do twice as much tomorrow’ or ‘it’s too cold today’ what you are telling your brain is, it is ok to have a break.  The trouble with that is once you have done it once, it is easier to convince yourself to do it again and again as a cognitive pattern gets set up in your brain.

Get into a good habit, stick to your plan of exercise and don’t break it.

3. If you find yourself hitting a plateau  in your fitness goals, it is important to vary your exercise routine, e.g. use a different exercise routine that will exercise a different set of muscles but whatever  weight loss regime you go for, ensure it is something you can maintain. It is at these times when you are  most probably  consumed in your  desire to find the fastest way to lose weight

4. There is the temptation to cut out fat altogether, but you need to remember that the cells of our body need to contain some fat in order for it to maintain essential functions such as  healthy skin, providing the body with energy, essential fatty acids that are important for growth and development.  Even our brain contains essential fats that are needed for it to function properly.

E.g. feed your brain good fats such as omega-3 fats that are found in foods such a oily fish or chia seeds that are great for the brain.

E.g. dark chocolate, it is actually high in many minerals such as potassium, copper, iron and magnesium.

On a diet? Dark chocolate is also lower in calories so if you are watching your weight and just crave for that little bit of a sweet thing then dark chocolate can be a great alternative to fruit.

Dark chocolate may also help against cardiovascular disease this is because the cocoa in dark chocolate contains antioxidants that offer protection for your cardiovascular system. These antioxidants also help to prevent cell destruction.

5. We all know it but you really do need to eat regularly, about every 3 or 4 hours within the day or  your food cravings are likely to kick in. Going without food for long periods at a time will wreak havoc on how your brain functions which in turn will lead to your blood sugar dropping.

The weight loss issue? Low blood sugar levels can lead to poor impulse control and of course with it irritability which both put you in a far greater place for binge eating.

A little  of the right type of food on a regular basis will go a long way in the proper functioning of your body and reaching  your weight loss goals. Its knowing how to make the right choices.

You’ll will get the satisfaction you are looking for without having to go without or deny yourself a treat.

6. Once you do reach your goal then what? The next most important thing is to keep it off and to maintain your health you need a life long  routine that you will enjoy.

E.g. invest in a smoothie maker, and start your day with a powerfully loaded smoothie for breakfast.

Try freezing your fruit before it goes bad and then re-use them in your smoothie.

Making these and  simple other  changes to your weight loss plans are so important to your overall long term success.

In conclusion, it is a life long choice that we need to make in order for us to maintain our life long ideal weight, but with a little effort consistently  every day it will put you on the road to good health, wealth and vitality.  There may be times when you are actually in an emergency but with the proper exercise and diet plan it is possible to find a fast  and safe way to lose weight , the key here is your overall health, do not put it at risk, nor neglect it in any way, after all it is the only body that you have.  To your success in your journey to better health.


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