Positive Energy and Immunity: Ayurvedic Concept Of Mind Body

by: Dev Sri
positive energy Strong positive mental energy can act towards physical immunity. This is a well known fact proved by many experiences where people have returned from serious physical conditions solely because of their strong willpower.

Positive Energy – Ayurvedic Concept of Mind Body

Ayurveda considers strong positive energy an essential requirement of building immunity.

Negative energies like anger, hatred, jealousy and stress can do just the opposite – that is they reduce the immunity of the body and attract diseases like blood pressure, heart diseases and mental diseases.

The building up of positive energy on the life of a person starts while he or she is in the womb. The positive or negative emotions of the pregnant woman have its effect on the developing baby. If the woman is under stress, she can produce excess cortisol, a stress hormone. This hormone increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels and suppress immune system.

Though cortisol has positive effects at times, constant presence of cortisol in blood is not helpful.

It is thus necessary for the pregnant woman to keep herself happy while pregnant, not only for herself but also for the baby growing in her womb.

One beneficial method of building positive energy in newborn babies is to give them a massage with baby oils like almond oil. The massage relieves stress from the baby and builds positive energy in them, making them less susceptible to diseases.

Children also require spending quality time with their parents. The more quality time you spend with your children, the better the benefits will be to build strong positive energy in their lives. They don’t have suppressed feelings. If they spend long hours in isolation, it can build up stress and negative energies albeit at a subconscious level.

As adults, keep in company with people who radiate positive energy. Negative energy people are doomsayers who sap energy from others. Don’t stay with such people. It will save you from much stress and stress induced diseases.

A strong positive willpower can help in relief from almost any disease too.