The 15 Best Skipping Rope Benefits

skipping rope benefits 1.There are many skipping rope benefits  but just to begin with that little skipping rope will actually help you lose belly fat and in the process let your actual abs show from underneath.

2.  If you love counting your calories then when skipping not only can you burn approximately 250 calories from a good 15 minute session of jumping, you will actually continue burning calories, even after you have finished your intense workout otherwise known as EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.  So all in all you will end up burning more calories than the initial weight loss during the actual exercise itself.

3. Intense burst of skipping work best if you are counting those calories such as bursts of 30 seconds, one minute etc., for as fast as you can followed by resting for the same period of time, if not less and then continuing with another burst of skipping thereafter etc.

4. The obvious benefit is there is absolutely no need to go to a gym, no gym fees, no having to trek to the gym first thing in the morning, or afternoon or night for that matter, your home becomes an instant gym in whichever room you like!

5. Pretty much anyone who wants to lose fat, keep fit can do it and there is no outlay other than buying the initial skipping rope, what more can you ask for. It really, really is a great cost effective exercise and fun in the process.

6, Another  benefit of skipping is increased cardiovascular fitness.

7. It can greatly improve muscle tone in your legs and lower body as it is really great for firming up that butt!  If you think it was good before hand think again, or  if you want a great looking butt then this is one of the many skipping rope benefits you will enjoy with continued use.

8. It will make you smile literally.  Really try skipping without smiling – I challenge you.  You put on your favourite fast music track and let rip.  In fact the longer you skip for,  the more shots of endorphins you will get that will in turn  push you to keep on wanting to go on.  Not only will you feel good, your level of fitness will get better and better.

One of the benefits of skipping – keeps you young at heart!

9. I really think  one of the lovely skipping rope benefits is the sheer fact that it can keep you young at heart.  If you think your playground playing days are over then think again!.  We associate little children playing and skipping but then as adults we seem to forget it exists any more. Skipping can really bring the fun back into exercise and losing weight in the process.

10. It is a great way to update and improve your cardio workout.  It also helps improve stamina and agility and can really give you a toned body if you persist with it.

11. Need I say it you can get really great looking legs.  Why not try skipping using one leg for a while and then alternating legs for another period of time e.g. one minute  each.  It is important here to note you need to ensure you land on your toes, not the heel.  This simple yet very important technique makes your legs work much harder as it will really work those calf muscles.

12. For the best skipping rope benefits try and make your workout as ‘ intense’ as possible in the shortest period of time – the more it will help you lose weight.

13. The weather that is, come rain or shine, it does not matter the slightest bit, you can skip anywhere  at any time regardless of whether it is raining or not, perfect for those who are on a tight  schedule. That change of weather should not hinder your exercise regime, however I can’t guarantee  that bad weather wont affect the rest of your busy schedule!

14. If you have been on your current exercise regime for a while consider using a skipping rope.  The simple fact of you changing your routine will stop you from getting bored for one thing and your body use to the routine as another. Your repetitions are likely to get easier and easier and the benefits of your exercise may not be as great as if you are working those muscles more.  Try alternating by picking up a skipping rope.

15. You are totally in control, no having to wait around at the gym for exercise equipment to become free so that you can jump on and start your exercise routine.  Why have to wait when you can just skip when you want, where you want and how you want.

For the best skipping rope benefits  I would like to finally end with just a few  little tips:

  1. Make sure your rope is of the right length, otherwise you might end up tripping over yourself. Ideally standing on the rope and  making sure when you take the handle up it reaches just under your armpits. Obviously the better you get, the smaller the rope can be.
  2. Your arms should not be stretched out but bent and close to your body and it is your wrists that should be turning the rope for optimum benefit.
  3. Remember to keep you knees bent.
  4. Make sure your jumping is not in excess, don’t think you need to jump high, just enough so that you can clear the rope without having to keep stopping and starting, this will in turn help conserve your energy and keep you skipping.
  5. If you are starting out take it slowly, the last thing you want is an injury that prevents you from continuing.

Enjoy your weight loss journey.  To your  Health, Wealth & Happiness