You Know How to Reduce Weight But Are You Being Sabotaged?

Has it even become a conflict to the extent that you do not know how to reduce weight without offending someone, possibly even your partner?

Perhaps, having even previously bonded over food, you have now become very concious and are dedicated to losing weight whereas your partner is not.

Knowing even how to reduce weight may not ironically be the problem any more.

Sadly, there  is no right or wrong answers in this type of situation but a multitude of reasons why you may be having such difficulty in not only trying to persuade your partner to help but also difficulty in trying to lose weight in the first place due to someone else’s continued actions.

Could it could be they dislike change?

Is it that your partner is overweight or even the fact that they are just use to you being over weight?

From your perspective, you are dedicated to losing weight, trying to find the best fat burning foods and weight loss diet plan, it can be very easy for you to get to the point where you start to  feel your efforts are being hindered and become emotionally upset.

Do you feel your weight loss efforts are being hindered by someone?

There are any number of psychological possibilities such as  feeling threatened.

When someone does not have a high  self esteem they can easily feel  insecure or even sadly jealous.

It could be that your partner is having a hard time adjusting to you losing weight.

It may even be as simple as they are just more happier and content in having things continue the way there are.

Or even simply  just having a hard time adjusting to the new you!

Unfortunately change needs to happen and is inevitable if you want to know how to reduce weight and then stay fit and healthy thereafter.

Know How To Reduce Weight but See More High Sugar Food Coming In?

Sadly, there may even be a more negative reaction to you losing weight and something you may not have even contemplated or want at this moment in time.

Do you feel they are actively trying to sabotage your weight loss diet plan?

Is the food coming into the home high sugar content?

Is the comfort food  and snacks being brought back home increasing?

Or perhaps worse, do you feel a sense of guilt for not eating it?

Again, it could also be the case  they are having difficulty adjusting to the fact that not only have you found out  how to reduce weight, but that there is becoming more and more of a difference in weight which might not be taken as positively as you might have originally thought.

It can be a very difficult and delicate situation  for you both, being that you are both in your individual perspectives having to go through it alone.

From your perspective you feel there is no help forth coming from your partner whatsoever  be it in a mental  capacity (praising  and openly encouraging your efforts of wanting to lose weight) or  in a physical capacity (helping and encouraging you with your food choices and actively seeking to bring back healthy food for both you and perhaps the rest of the family to enjoy and eat).

There are a multitude of reasons to have to take into consideration and each persons circumstances are different e.g. your  partner may be the one buying the food, or it could be that it is you who are in charge of the food budget  but the rest of the family do not see eye to eye with your new found food choices?

Could it even be that your ‘problem’  person is indeed a parent?

The routes to such reasoing can and are no doubt endless.

Another Perspective To Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

It is also worth noting though that the person with the ‘problem’ may not even be aware of it whereas it may feel so ‘evident’ to you each and every time something is done as far as you are concerned to sabotage your efforts and undo all the good that has already been achieved so far.

E.g. they may just want  to ‘pamper and treat you’ for all your hard work and everything you do for them. Perhaps food may even be their way of showing you love and affection. Candlelit dinners out, expensive boxes of chocolate,  bringing cake in – feeling that  you deserve it for everthing you have been and do for them.

Realistically speaking a very harmless  romantic  gesture can easily include dinner and chocolates!

Unfortunately, when you  are finally ‘tuned’ in and you know how to reduce weight,  it is your mission to lose weight and you have a weight loss diet plan in place, you have finally  made the clear distinction of sticking to it.

You are on a mission, in fact you are a heat seeking missile targeted on the fastest way to lose weight,  so that even the slightest little gesture can become very upsetting if not problematic and traumatic to your efforts.

It is in times like this that you need them to understand that these short term fixes need to stop for  your sake and quite possibly for  the sake of your whole family’s long term health.

Put simply, they need to find new and less calorific ways of expressing their love!

How to reduce weight – the right and wrong attitude

Sadly, there is no right or wrong answers in this type of situation. However you have a responsibility to your own body.

You have a responsibility to your health.

You also have a responsibility to those who depend on you such as your children to show and lead the way.

If you feel there may be someone trying to purposefully or  even unintentionally, trying to  sabotage your weight loss program, when you are constantly  trying to seek to replace the bad food with good and healthy fat burning foods then you need to make a decision.

Does the situation control you or do you need to take control of the situation?

It may even quite simply be you need to show your commitment to your cause and show firmness.

You may even need to upset people in the process but if they do really love, respect and care for you, they will in the long term understand.

To Your, Health, Wealth & Happiness

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