Your Best 24 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

fastest way to lose weight1. Create a ‘relationship’ with food. Become accountable for your actions and take responsibility. You need to accept the fact that you need to start making good food decisions. It may sound simple but it is not easy, everyone is constantly looking for a quick fix, the fastest way to lose weight, that ‘magic’ pill.

You may have this ‘on and off’ relationship with food the thing to remember is to stop punishing yourself if you get it wrong otherwise your inner chatter box or in other words those voices in your head that keep screaming at you, will take over your life – literally.

It may seem like an impossible task at the moment but don’t stop – keep at it.

2, To real permanent change you need to eat real food, you may not have the time to eat properly and might be happier to just grab a ready meal but realistically how long can you keep that up?

The more you can start to shed those pounds the more you will be able to sit up straighter or stand up better without having to grab a window or chair or anything else for that matter Is that not worth the effort of making proper food to eat for yourself.

3. Exercise doesn’t just mean gym, or other hard core intensive training such as running. You can still get in daily exercise through other means like walking or even hoovering will count as your daily exercise if done for about 30 minutes. Try even standing up more. You don’t need equipment to exercise – e.g., jumping jacks.

4. If I am not hungry I shouldn’t eat right? Do not go by what you feel like eating or even maybe it could be you don’t feel like eating. By doing this you will end up with no control whatsoever over what you do end up eating and your results will subsequently show.

You will lose fat but your body will start to use the stored fat and you will also start breaking down muscle.  If you are conscious of wanting a good body shape and looking good, then this is definitely not a good thing especially if you like your physical activities.

Fighting with being overweight as well as being underweight is a big part of training yourself to eat and exercise well.

5. If you don’t make or prepare the food yourself talk to those who do and give them the courtesy of knowing you wish to change your diet – we all need a helping hand now and again.

6. Eat until you are not hunger any more, NOT when you are full and don’t do any snacking before you have your main meal. You are not kidding anyone especially your stomach which will definitely see and show all the ‘snacking’ even if no one else saw you do it.

7.Don’t beat yourself up – remember these tips to lose weight will take a while to show – it doesn’t mean they are not working.

Remember this is a journey you and your body are on – enjoy it.  What better feeling can there be than knowing you have finally mastered your will power, that chatter box and you are now reaping the rewards of all those past decisions

8.Keep your head up. Many may laugh, even scold at your weight loss efforts.  Just remember how good you will feel once you have lost all that weight. You are not doing it for anyone else but yourself.  It is also good to us this negativity to your advantage and become more focused, have a plan and then stick to it.  You will get your reward.

9. Eat more slowly – really eat more slowly – Think about it when you scoff your food what have you actually eaten. Ironically you may be so hungry, you have been waiting to eat all day that when you do finally eat fast you don’t even have time to register what you just ate!  Eat slow at least you’ll enjoy what you are eating AND you will end up eating less because you will become aware much sooner that you are actually full.  This may sound boring but it does actually work.

Other manageable tips to help you lose weight are:

10. A bit cheesy perhaps but learn to forgive yourself.  Getting angry with yourself is not going to burn off any fat!.  If you have to then treat yourself once a week as a trade of if you have been working out and eating sensibly for the rest of the week.  These tips to lose weight should not be seen as some kind or punishment but an enhancement to your current weight loss regime.

11. Kick the habit of eating just before you go to sleep – your digestive system went to sleep hours ago and that furnace inside you that digests your food has literally gone out. Your food will stay in your stomach undigested all night.  It is really worth that sickly feeling you will get the next morning especially if you had that heavy meal just before bed. Your weight loss efforts will all be undone.

12. Plan meals in advance and get everything you need, then before you go to work or when you are at home/school run etc., throw everything into a slow cooker come home from work or carry on with what you need to do at home for the day and then have your meal later on.  That way you will avoid the temptation of just eating whatever is available at that moment of hunger later on.

13. Do you have access to a swimming pool? If so why not try a different exercise as your body might have got used to your regular workout that you have been doing. Why not try changing it in terms of activity, intensity and duration etc. Your body and mind will notice the difference.

14. Your ‘ideal image’. Everyone always wants to be that little bit slimmer, or that little bit muscular. Just take it one day at a time. Constant, persistent action, coupled with determination, planning and that good diet will get you to where you want to be. Take each day at a time and let momentum build it itself.

15. Pack yourself some food to go! Dried fruit, nuts (a few and unsalted) carrot sticks, whatever you fancy.

16. Why not try freezing some water in a bottle and putting it into your lunch box, then include some other perishable foods such as yogurt only do remember to check for those high levels of sugar in your chosen foods as you may unintentionally be undoing all your efforts.

17. Hate counting calories? Try instead writing down everything you eat for a week and by how much.  Pretty soon you will get a good idea and a feel for what you are eating and only then will you become more aware of just how much you are eating.

In essence we all feel we are eating far less than we really are.  This way you will become more aware of portion sizes.  Just because you are eating healthy doesn’t give you the green light to pile on your plate!

You might just amaze yourself on your ‘healthy diet’ This way by becoming more aware you get into a position to do something about it.

Your mental image of healthy portions will change in the process.

18. Change your mental image about exercise. Many people would agree that diet plays 80% to 20& of exercise. However, you need to get your state of mind right, otherwise if a person doesn’t want to exercise it may as well be 100% . Change your attitude with food and exercise. That is eat less to lose weight, exercise to look fantastic!

19. Try cutting out something for a short time i.e., sugar you might in the process end up surprising yourself and also proving to yourself that you can indeed cut something out of your diet, albeit for a short time.

20. If you do crave sugar then perhaps why not switch to high quality sugar such as dark chocolate so that you are still able to indulge your sweet tooth but in smaller amounts.  Allow yourself to indulge as mentioned previously don’t beat yourself up when you are unable to stick to your plan.  It is far better to have a little ‘glitch’ than an altogether land slide in your weight loss efforts.

21. Perhaps sometimes limiting your food may work and other times it may not.  Learn to understand that your weight loss efforts are indeed a work in progress.  It has literally taken you years to put this weight on do not expect it to vanish overnight.  You need to play your part and all these tips to lose weight  do add up to the bigger picture of you losing and becoming fit and healthy.

22. If you eat breakfast (which you should be doing), then try eating this at home Buy your own cereal but make sure you check the levels of sugar then simply add Greek yogurt, dried fruit and nuts (unsalted), honey.  Just see what works for you and mix and match. No one breakfast should have to feel the same again. You are totally in charge of what goes into your cereal and by how much.

23. Treat yourself now and again, it can be the difference between you staying the distance or dropping out as soon as those sugar cravings hit home. Make your weight loss journey so much easier especially if you are not having to crave or indeed constantly having to deny yourself.

24. Train your brain. Sugar is dependency and therefore if you want to stop it altogether your cravings are going to ‘kick in. Sugar is around us constantly. It is your brain that needs to be trained.  Pay attention to what it is and then make different food choices if cutting sugar altogether is the goal that you wish to pursue.

If on the other hand you think or indeed know you cannot give up sugar completely then don’t try to.  If your cravings are really bad already trying to stop it is going to make your cravings go into overdrive. All your efforts and self discipline can be undo in just one day alone.

For those who do not go for the extreme approach, then try a more realistic approach to your individual circumstances and instead reduce your intake slowly.  Make conscious food choices and make sure you do not begin to snack out of boredom.  Above all, be aware of portion sizes so that when you do indulge your sweet tooth it is done in moderation and not in excess.

The above  24 tips to lose weight are by no means conclusive.  Everyone’s circumstances are different, many want to lose weight slowly, others are looking for the fastest way to lose weight.

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I hope I have given you some helpful guidance, do-able and informative tips to lose weight that will will kick start your weight loss efforts and I wish you all the best in your weight loss efforts.

To You Health, Wealth and Happiness