Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

17 Tips To Your Weight Loss Diet Plan

Weight Loss Diet Plan How toxic are you to yourself when it comes to having a weight loss diet plan?   Is the concern for your own well being enough to want to do something,  or are  you already starting to worrying about the direction you are heading in.

Not being able to lose weight,  losing some and then the weight loss slowing down or completely stopping, can be very demotivating.

It can only be a life style change it you make it a life style change. The key is moderation not elimination you also need to tune in to the mindset that it is not a diet, merely a permanent change in your lifestyle.

My BIGGEST tip is that it’s all about making small changes and below are some of these changes which I hope will help your journey to finding YOUR successful weight loss diet plan.

Tip 1 – A lifetimes worth of bad food choices. You need to make a clear distinction that what you are currently eating is  rubbish.   Your relationship with food has got to change once and for all.  You are more than likely having to fight with a life time’s worth of bad food choices. Make today’s food choices count

Tip 2 Do a reality check – what are  you really eating?  Most people think they eat far less than what they actually  do which then leads to the next question, “why am I not  losing weight?

Remember this is not some blame game nor is it a race against anyone else, this is about YOU losing weight and getting healthy and happy and probably most likely the people closest to you in the process.

Tip 3 Do you weigh yourself? If you do then  you need to become mentally prepared for THAT week and your numbers on your scale.  This can the difference to make you just  want  to stop and quit right there and then.

Even if the numbers do slow down for a bit do not get discouraged, you need to remember it all adds up and you will hit those big numbers sooner if not later, providing you don’t stop.

It is very easy to feel like you are not losing weight fast enough. After days of just generally feeling like this  you may even start to think this is  going to take years, the key is don’t stop.

Tip 4 – Time is your friend not your enemy and it is important  to remember that time goes super fast and a year from now will have gone by before you know it. Let’s start and finish on two totally different lines.

Furthermore, as long as you’re going forward  it may take you longer to  reach your ideal weight. The fact is  with every milestone that you reach – you  will be getting closer to that finishing line, so don’t beat  yourself up about it.

All these little things can keep you making forward progress.

Tip 5 – You will soon realize the numbers can go UP as well as down,  however, when you realise they have actually gone down over a period of time, what you will actually feel  and see that you are  actually going for it, how  do you think that will make you feel inside – absolutely fantastic!

Tip 6 – It is very realistic for you to even start to think “what if I weigh more?”.  Just remember you are not alone, it can be a long haul, especially depending on how much you need to lose.

Tip 7– If you are inclined to want to weigh yourself do so at the same time each week.

Tip  8 – Try and tackle your weight loss diet plan from all directions  all at the same time and make your changes realistic, e.g.  don’t ditch everything all at once, it will not last, the change needs to be sustainable. First stop soda for example, then in the next week stop your sugar laden drinks, the week after, ditch the sauces and so on.

Or if that is too much for you to think you can do, try doing it in even smaller steps, if you need your soda fix just have less of it over the same period of time and just keep reducing it slowly that way until you are able to replace it with water and other much healthier drinks.

By doing something different each  and every week you will continue to remind yourself you are in this change of life style for the long haul, this is no passing fad.

Tip 9 –  Write it down!  Try  writing down these little changes regularly so on your ‘down days’ especially at the beginning,  you will actually have something to reflect back on..  You will come to realize you are actually becoming a whole different person inside and that you are actually doing it.  In fact, you even took the time to write them down!

Tip 10 – Probably the hardest part, just do it! Who doesn’t wish they were rich, who doesn’t want to be fit and look ‘hot’ .  Decide –  stop the wishing and just do it.

Tip 11 – Keep an eye on yourself! You are your own worse enemy, you will see other people losing weight and then start second guessing yourself! “Am I doing the right thing?” or  tell yourself “Am I just wasting my time?”.

This will happen, it’s normal but you  need to deal with it – do not let it stop the weight loss from happening though.

Tip 12 – Inspiration.  Surround yourself, your kitchen your home, your mobile,  even your computer screen,  with inspirational quotes.  It’s just amazing how much of a motivational up lift they can give you.  Put some really juicy ones on your fridge door that will get you and keep you fired up and motivated and challenge yourself in the process.  Have fun with this.

Tip 13 –  Get smaller plates! It is such a psychological boost when you realize you just finished  all your plate of food BUT then comes the realization just how much smaller it was from your ‘regular’ portions.  It really is a good feeling.  This is just one of those little things you can change each week but it does ALL add up over time.

Tip 14 Stick to it. Just like anything else in life, you’re  not going to be perfect when you star.

Tip 15 –  MOVE  you no longer want to  be conserving energy.  Park away as far as possible from the entrance of your destination and walk that little bit extra.

Run, just a little bit at first, then maybe a quarter of a mile, then try half and just keep working your way up. If you keep up with this momentum you will actually amaze yourself and realise you can firstly actually run, secondly run over a really long distance and thirdly you will not want to stop once you start (because  you will realise you are really good at it!)  – it’s actually very addictive.

Tip 16 – Drink water whenever you feel hungry and eat until you are no longer hungry not until you are literally  bursting  and cannot eat any more   Eg. –  breakfast you know you  are going to be eating during the day as well (or you should be and not eating one big meal all in one go in the evening!) Just eat  a good breakfast that will be enough to carry you through to the next meal.

Tip  17 Just because you do exercise it doesn’t give you the green light to come home and eat anything you like – wrong. Small changes each and every day but in moderation.

You need to remember it is far harder to burn extra calories  than it is to just not eat them in the first place.  You will get into a vicious circle where the food intake will win.

Practice makes perfect. Before you know some months will have already passed but the BIG difference will be when you actually start feeling a  lot better, looking better, even sleeping better.  Just imagine what  all this will be having on  the quality of your life AND those around you

Above all keep at it. As always, to Your  Health, Wealth & Happiness

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